DOB: Aprox January 2022

Benji is like a tighly-coiled spring. He’s a wild panther, always ready to jump and go. He’s very curious and likes to explore. He’s a true alpha personality and will not hesitate to show any other kitties who’s the boss. He can be a bit of a bully. Benji is quite strong and assertive. His prey drive is intense and he will not hesitate to go after smaller animals. He can be loving and affectionate when it comes to humans, however other felines tend to get on his nerves. It is best for Benji to go to an experienced home with lots of time to dedicate to him. He needs a lot of affection, time and patience. Benji loves his food almost as much as he loves to yell and complain about not being fed for more than an hour. There will never be a dull moment when Benji is around. 

It is very important to note that Benji needs to be stimulated as his breed of cat (Arabian Mau) is very energetic and can be a handful if you're not prepared to play with him regularly. Benji would make an amazing leash cat to take on adventures and would benefit from an owner who can provide him with lots of activity and stimulation every single day.