Christina | ADOPTED

DOB: August 8, 2021

Christina is domestic shorthair tabby cat. She is a very shy and cautious girl. She loves yelling for attention, but when it comes to receiving it, she simply doesn't know how. Christina takes her time adjusting to her new environment and us humans. Christina loves other cats and during her time at Catoro she has had several boyfriends who she loves to snuggle and groom. Christina would do great in a home with other cats.

She has slowly started to warm up to human affection and after almost 6 months at Catoro, she has started to let our staff pet her. She really, really loves it. She loves chin scritches and behind the ears rubs. She isn't a huge fan of her body being touched, but she may come around in time. This sweet girl is blossoming into a wonderful cat. Christina would definitely thrive in a calm, quiet home with a guardian who is comfortable giving her lots of space. Affection needs to be on her own terms. 

Christina suffers from chronic URIs (upper respiratory infections) and often has a runny nose. Her future adopter must be prepared to give this sweet girl a little extra TLC and make sure she gets regular checkups at the vet.