Goose & Balto-Adopted

BALTO: Brown Tabby. Domestic Shorthair.

Balto is not one to beat around the bush. He’s got no boundaries and he doesn’t care about yours. If you ignore his attempts to climb you he will stare at you intensely and give you the most heart melting little meows until you let him up on your shoulders or lap. He has full faith you won't drop him and will flop around on you until he gets into the most perfectly uncomfortable looking position. When he's not vying for your affection he can be quite the mischievous little guy. He is a big fan of inspecting the garbage can for snacks. After a long day of climbing people and getting into things he can be found napping deeply with his brother, Goose.  

Birthday: July 23rd, 2022


GOOSE: Brown Tabby. Domestic Shorthair.

Goose is a -slightly- slower version of Balto. He also has no concept of personal space and will crawl onto your shoulders if he sees the opportunity. He even knows how to jump into your arms if you ask him to! If you want to get any work done on the computer be prepared to have Goose help you out. He has a good bit of FOMO and desperately wants to be involved in whatever you're doing. When he's not trying to interfere with your tasks he can either be found playing with Balto like a little tiger, or napping so hard you'll feel the need to double check that he's breathing. He gets along with other cats very well and is bonded with Balto. 

Birthday: July 23rd, 2022