Inky & Foxy | ADOPTED

Bonded pair: Inky and Foxy 

Inky: Tuxedo. Domestic Shorthair. 

Inky is a sweet little girl. She is the shyer of the pair and can take a while to warm up to you but once she does she is incredibly affectionate and cuddly. She can often be found surveying the cat forest from a high up vantage point, or cuddling her bestie, Foxy. 

Birthday: July 20th. 2021

Foxy: Tuxedo. Domestic Shorthair. 

Foxy is a spunky young gal who, despite being the younger of the pair, is much more outgoing and confident than her bestie. She will be the first to come up to you to demand pets. 

Birthday: September 11th, 2022