Joey- adopted

Description: Solid lilac/ greyish-brownish coat. Deep amber eyes. Very flat faced with a little brown snub nose. He is shaped like a potato.

Breed: Persian, long haired

Joey is a kind hearted, endlessly tolerant senior persian kitty who was a local surrender. This is his second time having his life uprooted and he desperately needs a loving retirement home he can settle into for the rest of his golden years. Joey is very used to being moved around so he doesn't complain about much. He is extremely mellow and mostly just wants to chill and bird watch. This old guy would be happiest in a calm, low-energy home with plenty of cozzy spots for him to curl up and enjoy retirement. 

While Persian cats are beautiful and unique, they do require an elevated level of care. They require being brushed thoroughly every day to prevent painful matting of their fur. Because of the shortened muzzle, these cats do tend to snore and have other breathing problems. In addition, they are more prone to heat stroke since they cannot pant as effectively to cool themselves off. Their raised jaws also cause dental issues and tear duct blockages, they can be rather messy eaters and can have very goopy eyes so they need their faces cleaned often.These cats are also prone to overeating and obesity, both of which can exacerbate their health problems. Persian cats are also known to have shallower orbits than other cats, which causes their eyes to bulge. This can lead to a condition called “cherry eye” where the tear gland prolapses and the tears leak.

As Joey is a senior kitty, his future owner will need to be able to support his care both with time and attention but also financially. Joey is currently being assessed for dental surgery. Once that is complete, he will be available for adoption. 

Age: Approx 9 years

If you are interested in adopting Joey, please reach out to to arrange a meeting.