Lavazza - ADOPTED

Domestic Long Hair. Grey.

 Lavazza is a very sweet, shy girl. This young lady takes her time getting adjusted and might hide for the first little while. Once she feels comfortable, Lavazza will warm up to you and show her belly off. She's a huge fan of chin and cheek scratches and will collapse in your hands once you hit the right spot. Lavazza also has a playful side to her, she loves catching anything that move. In her spare time Lavazza likes to bake, she's really good at making biscuits. 

This is what Lavazza's foster says about her:

"With her whimsically long whiskers and luscious grey fur, this regal lady is ready to be the queen of your heart. As with any cat, mutual trust with Lavazza is earned with time (though treats and regular brushings may speed the process). While she may start off quiet and wary, with some patience, regular affection, and an enclosed space to decompress in, Lavazza will show herself to be a warm and gentle soul. 

Lavazza loves having her long fur brushed - so much so that sometimes all you have to do is hold the comb out and she’ll work herself under it. She is happy to be pet for hours, and she’ll give you a polite little hiss when she needs some alone time. During the day, Lavazza likes spending most her time in a nook she knows to be safe, but at night, you might catch her exploring and expanding her safe territory. 

A little shy, but plenty sweet, Lavazza deserves someone patient and loving to take her home. "

DOB: May 12, 2019