Domestic Long Hair. Black.

DOB: December 27, 2022

Mack is a very girly girl. She likes her long hair getting stroked and she likes yummy snacks. She can be picky when it comes to choosing what to eat, but she will never admit that. Cause admitting is defeat and defeat is the last thing on Mack's head. This girl will play off cool and tough by hissing at all the other cats at first as a way of telling them not to mess with her. Deep down though, she's a fragile little thing. Mack loves human attention, she enjoys her cheeks getting scratched and she loves to roll around on her back in front of you. Mack is not the biggest fan of getting picked up and usually she will yell loud to let you know that. Mack is not afraid to voice her opinion even when that opinion is not needed. This girl got a strong head on her shoulders and a warm, fragile heart.