Mags is a gorgeous longhaired blue Persian tabby cross. Yes, it's true. Mags is one of the most beautiful cats in the world and despite her supermodel status she is quite humble. That being said, Mags enjoys being pampered: cheek scratches are favourite. She likes to be very near your face and tickle your nose with her luscious whiskers. Mags is not a fan of other cats and will do best in a home where she'll be the only queen. Mags is a purr machine and will start as soon as you touch her. She's very easy-going and will make any human her best friend. 

Mags has an old soul and is very low energy. Her favourite place to hang out is curled up on your lap. She loves to be around people and needs lots of attention. If you are away from the home 8 hours a day, Mags may not be the best fit for you. She would do best in a calm, low activity home where people are around most of the time. 

It is important to note that Persian cats have a thick double coat so can be significantly high maintenance in regards to grooming. Their fur can be prone to tangling and matting so they require daily brushing and, depending on their self-grooming skills, sometimes even monthly baths. Potential adopters must be prepared to put time and effort into grooming Mags to ensure she stays clean and happy. You may have to take this sweet girl to a professional groomer every now and then if you can't maintain her gorgeous fur at home. 

Birthday: Unknown, approx 4 - 5 years old.