Moon |  Available To Adopt (Located in Foster)

*Located in a foster home in Saskatchewan*

See Moon's TikTok video here.

Moon is about 2-5 years old, and has been with SOS Prairie Rescue since September 2021. Moon has a respiratory illness that's been treated many time with antibiotics. She now takes a special medication a few times a week to help with her illness.

She was a street cat that has learned to trust humans again. Moon is very loving and affectionate, and she gets along well with other cats and dogs. She is the first to jump on someone's lap and loves rubbing herself on your legs to demand attention. She wouldn't do well in a home with young children.

She loves receiving and giving attention, and she loves to play with her favourite toys.

Moon is currently located in a foster home in Saskatchewan, and any interest in her would proceed with a virtual adoption process. If interested, please apply for Moon through the regular adoption application form on our website.