DOB: February 7,2020

Noah came to Catoro as a semi-feral kitty who didn't know we wanted to give him hugs and kisses. He likes to hide in his cardboard house and peek through the slits to see what’s out there. Noah started to slowly believe that we don’t want to harm him and has allowed us to pet him...with a stick.

Check back to see how Noah navigates through the Cat Forest and settles in!

UPDATE: Noah began to trust us and is now welcoming of head scratches and chin rubs. He loves catnip & silvervine,  playing with toys, and eating treats out of your hand. He's getting used to body pets and is warming up to other cats. 

He's been showing us his favourite hobby which is biscuit making and we're all so proud of him for opening up to us! This big polar bear is shy, but we're so proud of him for opening up and showing us his sensitive side.