Pandee Bear | ADOPTED

Black and White. Domestic shorthair. 

Pandee Bear is a solid, all around kinda gal. She rarely gets involved in cat drama and just wants to hang out and vibe. She enjoys playing with wand toys and crinkle balls just as much as she enjoys napping by your side and receiving chin scritches. She has the most adorable little meow and she uses it, A LOT. She is super chatty and her happy little chirps are like music to our ears. She is especially talkative around food time and will explain to you in depth how she wants her food prepared for that meal. 

Pandee has chronic leaky eyes but it doesn't give her any problems aside from always looking like she just woke up from a long night of partying. She does have to have her eyes cleaned with a warm damp wash cloth once or twice a day, but aside from that she's in tip top shape! She just has big goblin vibes and we honestly love that for her. 

Birthday: March 20th, 2021