Calico. Arabian Mau Mix

Patch is one hell of a girl! She might be tiny and innocent looking, but her deep hisses will quickly make you think otherwise. She’s quite unpredictable yet predictable at the same time. One moment she’ll be accepting your pets and the next she’ll be attacking your arm. She really enjoys chasing wand toys, we think she sees it as practice for attacking us. She is also a little trouble maker and, despite wanting to attack us, enjoys investigating and getting underfoot while we attempt to complete tasks. Patch is very independent and will make sure every cat in the nearby radius knows not to mess with her.

When Patch first arrived at Catoro, she mauled all of the staff. With time and patience, she has learned to be much more gentle and even likes belly rubs (but only when she's a bit sleepy). Patch loves to sit on your lap and we think she will blossom into a very sweet girl.  

Patch would do best in a home without dogs, other cats or small children.

Birthday: August 1, 2022

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Interview with Shenna, Store Co-Manager

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