Krabby Patty- Adopted

Calico. Domestic Longhair

Patty looks like a character straight up out of a scary movie. Her unique personality will always have you on your toes. Patty’s signature move is to move her head from side to side while she keeps her eyes sharply focused on you. Patty’s full of jump scares when she’s in a new environment surrounded by new people. Don’t worry, her growling and swatting is all a façade as she is actually a very sweet lady deep down. We have yet to really get her to open up to us, however over the course of the last week we have seen an improvement in her behavior towards us. Instead of charging at you when you come near her, she will actually chirp and sniff your finger and even let you pet her luscious fur for about 7 seconds. We all know someone who’s got their guard way up high, because they’ve been hurt in the past and Patty is not an exception to that. All this girl needs is some patience and a loving and understanding human that isn't afraid to wake up in the middle of the night to Pattys intense, saucer eyes. 

 Patty has one of the loudest voices and she is known for her alter ego Meowriah Carey that comes out during feeding time.

Patty is currently spending her time in our back room as she hasn't quite gotten the confidence to explore out into the forest yet, but if you are interested please email to enquire about being allowed in the back to visit her! 

UPDATE: Patty finally settled in and learnt to trust us. She loves being brushed and pet. Chin scratches are her favourite. When you pet her well, she will reward you with sweet kisses.

Birthday: March 1, 2020