Description: Fluffy solid white very round boy. Crooked jaw resulting in a lower canine sticking out very prominently at all times. Bright green eyes. 

Breed: Long-haired Persian

Steve is a purebred white long haired Persian cat who's had one hell of a life. He was found abandoned with very matted fur and a number of injuries that included a broken jaw. It is believed that he was kicked in the face. His injuries were attended to. Besides his one snaggle tooth, you wouldn't know that his jaw was broken. 

Before Steve came to Catoro he was once adopted by a family, but they surrendered him after their maid quit. Our trusted rescue partner in Saudi Arabia gathered enough funds to send him on a plane over to Catoro in the hopes of Steve finally finding a loving home that will give him the life he deserves.

Despite Steve's traumatizing past, he still remains one of the calmest, sweetest, cuddliest boys. Steve loves to snuggle up on your chest, nose to nose and purr his heart out. He is timid at first when it comes to strangers, but warms up pretty quickly and will quickly consider you one of his best friends. Steve is a master at playing hide and seek, he'll find nooks and crannies in your home that even you yourself never knew about. Regardless of his humble nature, Steve would still like to be the King of the castle, meaning he would prefer to be the only pet. He does really enjoy spending time with humans though, so having someone at the house at all times or as often as possible would be preferable.

Steve loves belly rubs and just rolling around being cute with his lil snaggle tooth. You might see him drool a bit, which makes him even quirkier of a character. He's playful and hilarious. When his fur gets too long, he will fall over backwards trying to groom himself. Brushing Steve regularly will help him stop doing these cartwheels. 

Steve recently had a lion cut at the groomers as his mats were bothering him a lot and there were just too many of them. A new coat and a new beginning for Steve!

It is important to note that Persian cats have a thick double coat and a very short snout, so they can be significantly more high maintenance compared to most cats. Their fur can be prone to tangling and matting so they require daily brushing and, depending on their self-grooming skills, sometimes even occasional baths. Because of their stubby snouts they may need their face wiped after meals, as well as their eyes wiped to prevent any goop buildup. Potential adopters must be prepared to put time and effort into grooming Steve to ensure he stays clean and happy!

Steve is FIV+. This does not affect his day-to-day health but means he is immunocompromised and is more likely to get sick and have complications from illness than cats without FIV. His future adopter must be prepared for an elevated level of medical care for him later in life.

Birthday: January 2016