Sweetie Pie

Age: 9 years

Sweetie Pie is an older lady whose life hasn’t been so easy. Her kittens were run over by a truck right in front of her, and she hasn’t been the same ever since. Sweetie Pie is still mourning the loss of her children and is quite mad at the world. She’s not very trusting and we don’t blame her. Sweetie Pie likes to keep to herself, where no other kitties or humans can bother her. She will need a quiet, patient, loving home with no small children or other cats. Her cutest quirk is her loud and excited purr every time you bring her wet food.

UPDATE: Sweetie Pie has finally learnt to trust us and purrs the loudest when you brush and pet her :) She can still be a bit on edge as she’s always worrying about your hand movement, but she’s made tremendous progress so far and we are so proud and happy for her!