Sylvester | ADOPTED

Black and white tuxedo. Domestic Shorthair. 

Sylvester is a big gentle love bug. He's super calm around humans and is happy to just sit in your lap while you're on business calls. Sylvester has the patience and tolerance of a saint, he will let you do pretty much anything to him as long as it involves affection. He's the top member of the neigbourhood watch and is always aware of what's going on a round him. Sylvester likes to play with braids and anything else that resembles a rope. His latest obsession is hair ties (do not use very small hair ties as cats can swallow them and it could result in blockage). He's a hefty boy and makes up for a very nice weighted blanket. Sylvester also enjoys giving you kisses all over to show his appreciation for you. He likes being held like a baby and will even fall asleep in your arms. Sometimes Sylvester growls when you move him or stop him from going where he wants, but he is all growl no bite and will eventually give in to what you want. 

Sylvester is neutral around the other cats and doesn't get involved in drama. He would be good in a home with other cats or without.

Birthday: October 5, 2021