A New Catoro

March 28, 2020

We’re sorry to keep you waiting. We’ve been carefully re-structuring Catoro to fit the new social restrictions that we will must face for the foreseeable future. As promised, Catoro is rebuilding to be a largely online business, while maintaining the same foundational pillars that we started with. Our focus will still be on feline welfare with our rescue and adoptions still available, just now in a less face-to-face format. As we approach the end of March, we have been completely shocked by the number of adoption applications that have come through. 

Within a week, Catoro will be out of cats until further notice. Indeed we are so happy that our cats have found forever homes. However, our rescue partner CTRS is now at a stage where they cannot rescue more cats for the time being due to limited funding and vets not offering all the services required for us to bring cats to Catoro. Now more than ever, we truly need your support to get through a difficult time. 

From the time we opened, our second pillar of improving mental health and wellness has always been one of the things we’re the most proud of and grateful to be able to do for our followers. Seeing people come in with stress and troubles on their mind and being able to relieve them by spending quality time with our kitties has been one of the most fulfilling and rewarding parts of running Catoro. Bringing that same value of animal therapy to you at home has its challenges, but we are up for the task and we believe our new programs will bring you even more fun and exciting content that we hope you will enjoy. 

Initially, we were planning to offer you Paw Pass as a type of “Amazon Prime” service where your subscription comes with streaming content as well. However we are now facing new realities around this that will inhibit us from offering our livestream content consistently. So instead, we have decided to offer all our exclusive web-content FREE to all viewers. 

See what’s included with CatoroTV:

  • Catoro Live - Daily interactive livestream on YouTube with your favourite Hosts, Sasha, Victoria, and Sequoia where you can request to see the cats you miss most! (while cats are available)
  • 24/7 Kitty Cams - See what our cats do at night when we’ve all gone home(while cats are available)
  • Cat Academy - Feline Education Videos
  • Catoro Collection - See the signature accessories and gear we get for our cats and how to best use it!
  • Kitty Singles Series - Find your purrfect match with a new series showing off some of our favourite long term residents
  • Rescue Stories - Follow our newest cats on their journey to rehabilitation through socialization and receiving our warm love and care. 
  • Cat-titude Comedy Club- Our premium web comedy series featuring your favourite cats

View CatoroTV here, please like and subscribe! → https://catorocafe.com/pages/catoro-tv

We ask for a small favour in return. We’ve seen a tremendous amount of love and support from our followers in the community and we’ve raised over $11,000 in a short time since we launched our fundraiser. We are forever grateful for this. However, this still will provide us with a limited amount of time to stay open. With us closing our doors to the public, having zero admissions, zero drink sales and a very limited amount of online transactions, we still need to find a way to cover our expenses. We now hope that you can view our Paw Pass as a monthly subscription that will support us stay open until these social distancing measures are open. If a one time donation is too much at the moment, we hope that a small $8.95 per month won't be. We have revised the benefits of Paw Pass below.

Paw Pass Members get the following:

  • Unlimited delivery service for $8.95 per month, no minimum orders
  • Cashback for all purchases - This has been received extremely well for the first few weeks amongst cat owners to have their essential cat supplies like food and litter delivered on a regular basis. 10% regularly and 25% off until March 31st.
  • Recurring Delivery - Paw Pass is also the first of its kind in Vancouver to offer recurring delivery options. So if you know you will need a certain amount of food or litter regularly, simply just schedule it and we will deliver it at the same time either on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, the choice is yours!
  • Current premium brands include, Pidan, Boreal, Cature, Vetreska, RomiCatz, with many more of your favourite brands on the way!

We’ll continue to make limited amounts of free content as well for our Youtube and other social channels, with the addition of a Tik Tok account launched recently! We’re also excited to announce a switch over to digital online gift cards. Unlike the previous Catoro Club physical cards, these can be used in store and online. We will also allow for credits to be transferred from existing cards over to new online accounts if you email us at bookings@catorocafe.com. Please see the options for gift cards here → https://bit.ly/2xxF4L4

As this is a very challenging time for us still, we really need your support. In the near term our immediate goal is still to reach 200 Paw Pass subscriptions, we have just above 30 now for the time being. The first month of this is free so please check out how Paw Pass can benefit you and help support the ongoing work that we do. Remember, even if you don’t own a cat, signing up for Paw Pass will support our local business and keep us making great new content for you to watch at least until we can open our doors again! Please sign up and share this message!

See Paw Pass details herehttps://bit.ly/3adoqiy

The next few months will be a critical time for us to determine if we can stay in business. Our GoFundMe is still active and we have successfully raised just over $11,000 of our $25,000 goal. We really hope that you can help us or at least share our campaign with someone you know who loves cats or what we do and get us a bit closer to our goal. 


Thank you and we hope you’re excited for these BIG changes coming to Catoro! Stay safe Vancouver!

Nathan & Catoro Team