Adoption Update on Francis

Do you remember Francis? Our staff used to call her the grumpy granny, because she was one of our sassiest residents... She definitely left an impression on a lot of humans, in the form of a scratch mark or two!

We're always understanding with kitties like this, and we know they often can calm down a bit and really thrive when they find a loving, patient home.

So when we received the following adoption update from @jessseyj on Instagram, it made us so happy! It's so rewarding for our team to hear how a kitty is doing after they get adopted.

"Francis' original bio said that she’s a grumpy old lady - which she most definitely still is. She’s really come around since being able to feel comfortable in her new home.

She now runs our apartment and honestly, only wants to cuddle and give kisses.

He favourite spots to hangout, besides laying horizontally over my chest, is on top of the love seat looking out the window to survey her land (my balcony) and in the summertime, she could hangout under the sun all day, every day.

Francis was only supposed to be with me as a foster for a few weeks but I couldn't imagine giving her away to someone else.

I feel so fortunate to be able to build this trust with her and she’s turned out to be the biggest sweetheart under her Gollum disguise."

We're so glad we get to play a part in cats like Francis finding happiness and a loving home. We hope you enjoyed this update too!

If you have adopted from us, be sure to email us letting us know how your cat is doing at