The 10 Best Catnip Toys (And Other Options)

The 10 Best Catnip Toys 

Catnip is a herb that can bring your kitty lots of joy, and provide you with entertainment as your kitty roll around on the floor with drool flying into the air.

Here are our top 10 toys with catnip to keep your kitty stimulated and happy, tested by the rescue cats in our cat cafe!

Use it as a very stimulating, non-addictive treat that encourages healthy activity levels and keeps your cat happy and entertained.

  1. The best catnip: Kong Naturals Premium Catnip
  2. The best dental catnip toy: Dental Banana | Crinkle & Catnip
  3. The best refillable catnip toy: Beaver | Kong Refillables Catnip Toy
  4. The cutest catnip toy: Catnip Pet Plush Toy - Little Monster Series
  5. The best interactive catnip toy: Catnip Bubbles
  6. The best automatic catnip toy: Retractable Pendant Cat Teasing Toy (Automatic Toy)
  7. The best multifunctional catnip toy: Petkit Cat Scratch and Play Mat
  8. The best catnip spray: Kong Naturals Premium Catnip Spray
  9. The best catnip treat: Pure Bites-Chicken & Catnip 37g
  10. The best catnip-alternative toy: LINSLINS Cat Silvervine Toy

+ Three bonus catnip toys listed at the end of the article!

Scroll down to see photos and learn why we chose these as our favourite options in each category!

1. The best catnip: Kong Naturals Premium Catnip

Naturals Premium Catnip 1OZ

This 100 percent natural catnip is loose and perfect for sprinkling on cat beds or cat toys.

Real catnip flakes have loads of function including soothing your cat on trips to the vet.

You can also use it as a treat, to refill Kong toys or to sprinkle on beds, scratchers and more for a pinch of happiness and to encourage the appropriate scratching behaviour. 

It is harvested and field-dried capturing the peak of flavor, and stays fresh in a handy, portable tin. The resealable tin ensures lasting freshness so it stays potent and effective for longer.

If your kitty is reluctant to exercise, sprinkling this on their toys or play area can help increase their activity level.

2. The best dental catnip toy: Dental Banana | Crinkle & Catnip

banana toy

This toy ticks the boxes for dental care as well as entertainment. The mesh texture on the outside of the toy helps to remove tartar from your kitty's teeth and massage their gums. 

The catnip and crinkly material contained inside the toy attract your kitty and make them want to play with the toy long enough to get the dental benefits. It's helpful if you have difficulty brushing your cat's teeth. 

Obviously if your kitty doesn't like to chew toys the potential benefits of this toy are reduced.

However, the toy is lightweight to bat, chase and carry, and the crinkles and catnip mean it's still fun for them to play with, so we think it's a great option overall too. 

If you don't like the banana version, you can also get it in an avocado or cherry design.

3. The best refillable catnip toy: Beaver | Kong Refillables Catnip Toy

Beaver Catnip Refillable

You can refill it again and again so that it never gets old! Top the toy up with fresh catnip whenever the catnip loses its potency. The refillable pouch inside the the beaver means this toy can last a long time!

It's the perfect size for your kitty to bat at and play with, or to carry around in their mouth.

Plus you can always refill it with a different brand of catnip (or catnip alternative) if your cat prefers.

4. The cutest catnip toy: Catnip Pet Plush Toy - Little Monster Series

Catnip Pet Plush Toy - Little Monster Series
These little monsters are from an unknown galaxy and each has their own little backstory.
They are the cutest, softest plushies that make the purrfect welcome home gift for a newly adopted kitty.
Great for snuggling and for playtime, each has a slice of catnip inside.


5. The best interactive catnip toy: Catnip Bubbles

OUR PET'S Catnip Bubbles

We all have memories of the joy of blowing and chasing bubbles, and now you can share that fun experience with your kitty!
These 'Cosmic Catnip' bubbles contain pure catnip oil for interactive, scented fun. 
These are great for some bonding time with your kitty. You'll be sure to have a good laugh at your cat's silly antics, and they will love chasing the bubbles.
These catnip bubbles are completely safe, non-toxic and dye free, so you can feel confident your kitty is safe!

6. The best automatic catnip toy: Retractable Pendant Cat Teasing Toy (Automatic Toy)

Retractable Pendant Cat Teasing Toy (Automatic Toy)

This automated cat teasing toy imitates a small fishing game for your cat to play, perfect for when you're busy but your kitty needs some entertainment.

The hanging "cat bait" rises and falls, catching the attention of your cat. Both types of "cat bait" are made of a super soft fabric and filled with catnip.

Once turned on, the toy runs for 500 seconds and automatically turns off.

Available as a cute rabbit and carrot design, or a cloud and raindrop.

7. The best multifunctional catnip toy: Petkit Cat Scratch and Play Mat

PETKIT Cat Scratch and Play Mat

The Petkit 4-in-1 cat scratcher is designed for your cat to play with, tease, smell, sleep and scratch, all in one device. 

This is a great option if you want to save space while giving your cat lots of things to do.

It comes with a base unit that can hold 2 balls and a scratching board. The green ball contains catnip and the orange ball contains bells, and these both make it super entertaining for your cat to chase.

It comes with some extra catnip to sprinkle on the board.

The shape is also designed to make a comfy napping spot for when your kitty gets all tuckered out from play. 

8. The best catnip spray: Kong Naturals Premium Catnip Spray


Naturals Premium Catnip Spray 1OZ

Turn any toy into a catnip toy, with this catnip spray! For irresistible fun, spray on toys, teasers, scratchers, or cat condos. Perfect for renewing interest in something, or redirecting your cat's attention from your furniture to their new scratcher.

The uses of this spray are only limited by your imagination. 

It is steam-distilled from the finest North American catnip, producing the most potent catnip oil on the market.. Just a few spritzes on your cat’s toys leads to so much excitement.

Every ingredient is all-natural and comes from renewable resources, so you're able to give your kitty fun with a purpose.

Plus, without the flakes of dried catnip, there's no mess to clean up!

9. The best catnip treat: Pure Bites-Chicken & Catnip 37g

Pure Bites-Chicken & Catnip 37GM

This is a great treat that we love because they are 100% pure and rich in nutrients.

Made with only 2 ingredients: 100% Pure & Natural USA Raised Chicken Breast, as well as USA Grown Organic Catnip.

These treats are freeze dried RAW to lock in the aroma, texture and freshness your kitty craves. 

These are a great way to help train and reward your beloved kitty.

10. The best catnip-alternative toy: LINSLINS Cat Silvervine Toy

LINSLINS Cat Silvervine Toy

If your cat doesn’t respond to catnip - or is just bored of it - silvervine might appeal to them.

Silvervine is an alternative to catnip. Compared to catnip, silvervine seems to be more potent and appeal to more cats.  

These toys have a silvervine stick for your kitty to chew on, which can potentially help support dental health. The toys also have dangly arms to play with, and are available in two cute character options.

And don't worry about your cat becoming addicted or overdosing, the effects should wear off within 30 minutes or so.


For more catnip alternatives, check out our article about why cats like catnip!

Bonus catnip options:

Best themed catnip toy set: Vetreska Dim Sum Toy Set

Best budget catnip toys: Kitty Fun Tubes 3.25" 3PK

Best catnip toy for kicking and wrestling: Cozie Kickeroo

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