The best movies about cats that you NEED to watch

The best movies, show and documentaries about cats

They are cute, funny, endearing, and always entertaining. 

Cats rule everything we watch—from the big silver screen to the small screens we have at home and the even smaller ones in our pockets that brought us lolcats and Nyan Cat

But with cats getting their cute paws everywhere, it becomes hard to distinguish the best of the best. So, to give you a hand in deciding what to watch this weekend, we have compiled the five best shows and movies about cats that you need to watch. 

And no, we didn't include Cats (2019). You're welcome.


If you like heartfelt documentaries: Kedi


If you visit Istanbul, you will see lots of cats. In fact, Turkey's most populous city has an estimated population of strays over the million. 

However, there's one difference with other cities and countries: the citizens consider them pets belonging to every Istanbul citizen, and love them as such.

Kedi, meaning cat in Turkish, follows the stories of seven of these beloved pets of the masses and depicts their stories through the eyes of the people that love them. 

Watch the trailer here. 


If you like nostalgia & musicals: Cats Don't Dance

cats dont dance

An overwhelmingly underrated animated masterpiece, Cat's Don't Dance follows the story of a bold and ambitious cat seeking to make it big in Hollywood—an industry that seems to discriminate against the fluffy and fuzzy. 

The film is charming as it is nostalgic, adding tributes to Hollywood's Golden Era—including making the villain a clear Shirley Temple reference. Likewise, it features countless callbacks to classic musicals, with Gene Kelly himself taking part in the choreography design. 

And hey—it has one of the best villain songs ever. Eat your heart out, Disney.

Watch the trailer here. 


If you like funny cat videos: Kitty Love: An Homage to Cats

Kitty Love: An Homage to Cats.

Although considered a documentary, Kitty Love feels more like a compilation of cute cat videos, tied with an endearingly heartwarming narrative. 

The Dutch production follows the voice-over narration of Abatutu, The Netherlands' most famous cat celebrity. With a distinctive sense of pride, Abatutu narrates its rise to the top—sprinkled between countless adorable home cat videos. 

If you're seeking a complex plot narrative with a heart-wrenching script, this is not for you. But it has cats doing adorable things, and that's enough for us.

Watch the trailer here.


If you like action comedies and Key & Peele: Keanu


Keanu is a cute cat. In fact, he might just be the world's cutest cat, to the point not even hardened drug lords and criminals can resist his charm.

This hilarious action-comedy follows Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key as they infiltrate a criminal organization to recover Keanu, Peele's recently-adopted kitty. A tale of gang wars and fights follows—all of them over Keanu's pawsitively adorable good looks.

Best part? No kitties were harmed in the making of this movie. Best-est part? Keanu Reeves himself voices the titular kitty at some point.

Watch the trailer here. 


If you like cute mascots: Bananya


We are not sure what Japan's number one export is, but if you told us it was "adorable mascots," we wouldn't be surprised. 

The homeland of Sanrio and San-X brings us Bananya, an adorable anime series with episodes that last only three minutes. The plot? The endearing misadventures of a new species of tiny cats that live inside bananas. 

Yes, the name is a pun on 'banana' and 'nya’—the Japanese onomatopoeia for "meow." Yes, it is tooth-rottenly cute. No, it doesn't make any sense. Yes, we want merch of every single type of Bananya under the sun. 

Watch the second season's teaser here.


Not enough? We have more. 

If five options are not enough to satisfy your craving for tales starring fuzzy paws and cute meowing, we have more recommendations for you.

If you like true crime and justice: Don't F**k With Cats [Warning for talk of animal abuse and death]

If you like Ghibli films: The Cat Returns (Or of course Kiki's Delivery Service)

If you like reality competitions and pageants: Catwalk: Tales From The Cat Show Circuit

If you want some feelgood nostalgia: The Aristocats (We couldn't not mention it)