What is tofu litter? And why do we recommend it?

What is tofu litter?

Tofu cat litter is made of food-grade soy pulp that would otherwise end up in landfill. It is one of the longest lasting, easiest to clean, and odor-absorbent litters available. It's a natural option that is biodegradable and can be flushed down the toilet. 

Is tofu litter better than other cat litters?

As a team at Catoro, we tested multiple litter options before we finalized the cat litter we use now. With so many cats sharing one space, we needed a litter that would keep our kitties happy, and our Cat Forest clean and odor free. Pidan tofu cat litter ended up being the perfect option.

So why did we choose Pidan Tofu Litter?

Firstly, it's very effective. It can absorb a liquid volume four times greater than itself in just two seconds.  The faster the cat litter can absorb liquid, the quicker the odor can be suppressed. Because it's so efficient, it saves on usage and lasts longer.

It is solid clumping for higher efficiency, and easy scooping. 

It's also environmentally friendly - tofu cat litter is made of food-grade soy pulp that would otherwise end up in landfill. It's a natural option with absolutely no artificial additives added. Unlike clay cat litters and silica cat litters, tofu litter is 100% biodegradable.

Since tofu litter is made from soya, it is a natural option that is safer for your cat. Tofu litter is dust free, which helps prevent many respiratory issues caused by dusty clay litters.

The scent is natural fresh so that you and your cat can breathe comfortably.

Every granule is made to have a diameter of 2 mm and as a result, the tofu cat litter is soft on paws. This size works perfectly with the Pidan Igloo litter boxes that we use in store. Litter falls through the grating at the entrance instead of ending up on your floor!

We use it in store all the time and we can’t recommend it enough!

Whether your home has just one cat, or many, Tofu Litter and Composite Litter are our primary recommendations. These are great if you want to use a litter that is not only healthy for your cats, but also one of the longest lasting, easiest to clean, and odor-absorbent litters available.

If you want tofu cat litter in Vancouver, you can drop by our store or order online to take advantage of our free local delivery option. If you love it, you can sign up for Refills to get it delivered automatically whenever you need it! 

We primarily use the Original Tofu Litter and the Composite Tofu Litter.

For a comparison of the different Pidan litters, read this blog post.


Adopting from Catoro?

When adopting from Catoro it's important to remember that we use Pidan tofu litter in store with all our rescue kitties, and so your new fur baby will be used to this litter.

If you want to use an alternative litter, we recommend starting off with one bag of Pidan litter to help with the transition to your home.

It can be a stressful experience for cats, so keeping some important things the same will help your new cat adapt better.