Make life better for you, your cat, AND rescue cats too with Refills!

You order once, we deliver monthly, & you get 10% cashback on every purchase

It's a win-win-win...

1. You save money, time and effort

We deliver your cat's essentials automatically each month, while you rack up cashback to discount future orders.

2. Your cat gets the best quality supplies

Make sure your cat has everything they need for a healthy and happy life, by getting their food, litter and treats delivered to your door.

3. Rescue cats get a second chance at life

The proceeds of every order help care for, feed and find loving homes for rescue cats.

Because EVERY cat deserves to be happy, safe and loved

This subscription makes it easy for you to help rescue cats and make a real difference!

Shopping for your pet supplies shouldn't be a chore.

Choose your own order schedule

Get 10% cash back on every purchase

Change or pause anytime

Never worry about stocking up again!

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What items are available for Refills?

Catoro Cat Crate - The Subscription Box For Your Cat!

A curated gift box including some of our most popular items, available as a monthly Refills subscription or a one time purchase. 

It's a surprise box each month, with a mix of 8-15 items including stuff for your cat to play with, something for their health, and something for you... Plus lots more to keep your cat happy!

The contents are valued at over $45 so this is a great way to save money while treating your kitty to a mix of high quality items.

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