Animal Welfare


There is a national crisis of feline overpopulation across Canada. It was estimated in 2012 that there is one cat to every three humans in Canada. In addition, there are at least 600,000 stray cats roaming the streets. The problem with most cat shelters is that they don't have enough exposure and they aren't perceived to be an attractive place to visit in the public eye.

Our Partner, Cat Therapy & Rescue Society

After careful consideration, Catoro Cafe agreed on an exclusive partnership with Cat Therapy and Rescue Society (CTRS). This charity started in 2016 and focuses on urgent medical cases and special needs cats that are often turned away due to expensive medical treatments. They receive zero government funding and 100% of their funding comes from private donation. On average, CTRS takes in and adopts out about approximately 1200 cats per year, and since inception in 2016, they have adopted out nearly 5000 cats. These numbers do not even account for the thousands more that are taken in and provided treatment, but then cannot be kept in their care due to overflow. Even if you do not wish to support Catoro Cafe, please donate anything you can to CTRS. Just last year the medical expenses were up to $100,000. Any small donation helps, and anything over $25 will qualify for a tax receipt.

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CTRS is always looking for dedicated volunteers concerned about the welfare of abandoned, abused and surrendered cats who are willing to donate their time, energy and passion to our rescue efforts.

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Supporting Catoro

Catoro Cafe, in partnership with Cat Therapy & Rescue Society, takes the upmost care in keeping our cats healthy and in a safe environment. Along with the extraordinary costs that CTRS takes on before bringing each cat to us, Catoro has spared no expense with a fully equipped shelter room with nearly hospital grade levels of sanitization.

We have a specialized UV filter which neutralizes any harmful particles in the air in the Cat Forest and also keeps the air fresh for our guests. We have vigorous daily cleaning protocols which include sterilizing all food and water bowls, as well as litter boxes. We have our own laundry and dishwasher on site to clean each item after every use to ensure no germs spread. And finally we have invested in 3 isolated quarantine rooms with their own individual ventilation systems inside. This ensures that when cats first arrive, there is no chance of spreading harmful diseases, and when cats show signs of sickness, we isolate them immediately so nothing can spread. 

The costs to run all our equipment, staffing to complete all our daily cleaning routines, and providing food, litter and medications daily, is extremely costly. But we are dedicated to maintaining this business and this shelter for cats for the long term. Your business in visiting the cafe, buying drinks and products from us helps to keep Catoro running and doing the work we love to do!

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