Brucie is a sweet, cuddly boy with boundless energy. He is a bit skittish, so he prefers a quiet home with no children or other animals. He will take a bit of time to get used to you, but he will sneak onto your bed to snuggle even before he’s fully comfortable with you. He loves early morning belly rubs, holding hands, and chin scratches and will amaze you at how loud he purrs. His favorite toy is a stuffed fish that he can bunny kick into submission, but he also really enjoys a loose string or the corner of a blanket. He loves birdwatching, naps in the sun, watching TV, fuzzy blankies, playing in boxes, chasing his tail and cat nip. He dislikes loud voices, fast movement, being left in another room, having a dirty litter box and smelly lotions. Brucie would be perfect for someone who works from home or has a set schedule.