Comet and Star are a bonded brother and sister pair. They are Catoro's longest current residents. They have been with us since April 2022. When they first arrived here, they were semi-feral. It took almost four months for them to come out of their shells and learn to trust our team and our guests. These two black and white babies have had a tough life but learned to relax and show off their true personalities.

Star is a little bit shyer than her brother Comet but she really likes other cats. She likes people who are quiet and calm - just like her. She is very food motivated and will absolutely annihilate a cat gogurt treat. She does not like loud noises,  being picked up, or young kids. 

Comet LOVES chin and cheek scratches and is becoming more and more comfortable by day. He will follow you around and constantly ask for pets. He learnt to jump in your lap at any given opportunity and stay there for as long as he possible could. He loves lounging by the window and receiving belly rubs!

These two cuties would be great with other cats in the home but probably not with dogs or young kids. A calm, quiet home with lots of big windows would be ideal for them and they would benefit from a caretaker who spends a lot of time at home.