Mack & Macy | ADOPTED

Mack & Macy are a bonded brother and sister pair and must be adopted together. 


DOB: June 1, 2022

(All black)

Mack is a little alien boy. He’s very skittish and hides away from human eyes. He’s learning to trust us day by day and we’re respecting his boundaries. Mack gets along well with other kitties and finds comfort in being around others his age. 

Check back to see how Mack’s personality flourishes in front of us.


DOB: June 1, 2022

(Black and white)

Macy is the tiniest little bean in the Cat Forest. She might be very smol, but her voice is big and loud. Macy has no problem standing up to a bully and using her teeth when human touch does not meet her expectations. Don’t worry, she will apologize right after by licking you and giving you kisses. Macy enjoys gentle butt spanking and jumping into your lap to get closer to you. Attention from you is what Macy chases after.