Monica - ADOPTED

Tortoiseshell. Domestic Shorthair.

Despite Monica looking perpetually shook with her big ol' owl eyes she is actually a cool, confident kitty who LOVES butt scritches. She will flop over in front of you regardless of what you're doing for belly and chin rubs. She doesn't let anything phase her. Monica sees the best in everyone and will have no problem getting adjusted to new humans and new environment. Her alien purrs are so loud you could hear them in a crowded room. She does like other cats and was fostered with her play buddy, Sam. Monica has an endless amount of energy and has been seen playing some days for 5 hours straight, she will even start panting like a dog from zooming around the room so fast. She will need a LOT of enrichment and stimulation to live a happy life and stay out of trouble. 

 DOB: September 8,2022