Description: White with random orange splotches, faint tabby pattern in his orange spots. Has a white face with an orange helmet on the top of his head and ears. Pale yellow eyes. 

Breed: Arabian Mau mix

Rex is a very sweet, gentle cat. A little more shy than this siblings Ariel and Woody. He likes to snuggle up on a comfy pile of warm towels straight out of the dryer and nap the day away. He does also get the zoomies every now and then. He likes to do the spooky dance with other cats during intense zoom sessions. Once he gets to know you, he is very sweet and affectionate, but he likes his own space. Rex is a bit skittish and loud noises, kids, and sudden movements will make him run to a safe space. He would appreciate a home with lots of quiet and comfy nooks and crannies for him to curl up in. Rex enjoys a frequent cuddle puddle sesh, so it's required for him to go to a home that already has a kitty who is just as passionate about spooning.

Rex has a grade 2-3 heart murmur. At this time, it does not affect him in any major way, but his future adopter should be prepared for possible health concerns down the road. If managed proactively, he should live a long and healthy life. It's possible he may grow out of the heart murmur, but it will need to be checked by the vet on a reasonably regular basis. 

Rex is part Arabian Mau and it’s important to note that this breed typically requires a lot of attention and stimulation, however Rex is more on a mellow side. He did inherit his curiosity from his breed. He's very intelligent and athletic. Rex can balance himself on the tiniest of surfaces.

Rex has been with us for over a year (along with his siblings Ariel and Woody) and we are truly baffled by the fact. All three siblings are such characters with unique personalities that could enrich your life more than you know!

Birthday: March 1st, 2022