Brown and White. Domestic Shorthair.

Weighing in at a hefty 15lbs Tubby is a BIG lad, but don't let his size intimidate you. He is one big teddy bear who just wants all the love. He can be a bit demanding at times even and will give you love nips to get your attention, but he means no harm. 

Tubby has a daily cuddle quota he would like filled, and he will let you know when he has had enough.  When you come home after a long day, he’ll be there to greet you.  If you take a nap on the couch, chances are you’ll wake up to a chonky furball snoozing against your feet.  If he feels affectionate (an almost daily occurrence), he will demand your attention and vigorously rub against any protruding limbs—shoulders, toes, and chins are all fair game.  His favourite spots for scratches are his head and cheeks.  

Sometimes, when he has too much energy or gets overstimulated from petting, he’ll bite you (without drawing blood), then turn around and be an angel again.  So be sure to play with him and tire him out a couple times a day (he loves crinkly wand toys and small mice to bat around), and watch your hands if his tail starts lashing in the middle of a petting session. In the evening, Tubby can transform into a skittish, scampering race horse, so make sure you put a variety of scratching posts and mats around your house for him to calm himself down on.

As his name suggests, he loves treats and can be bribed to do anything and go anywhere with the right crunchy snack. In his future home he would benefit from a bit of a diet so he can move more freely without the extra weight dragging him down!

Tubby is a super sweet cat with a couple quirks and boundaries, like any person.  He’s okay on his own, but also loves human company and has a couple cat friends he enjoys grooming and snuggling with.  Similar to other rescue animals, Tubby has had his share of travel and turmoil, and a history only he knows.  He deserves a patient and loving person to take him home.  


Tubby says "Yeehaw!"


Tubby has moved on from his previous BFF Misty and has been seen snuggling with Woody. Tubby clearly enjoys the company of other friendly and sweet cats who are down for cuddles!