Patches | ADOPTED

Tuxedo. Domestic Shorthair.

Patches is a very shy and gentle girl. She has been with us for a few months now and has only recently started acting like a normal cat. At first she seemed like a little shadow that would hide amongst the blankets and towels in the back, sometimes surprising staff when we'd go to grab a towel and she would be behind it curled up in a nervous little ball. Over the months she has slowly started making appearances and curiously watching us as we go about our business, then recently she decided she had enough of living life in the shadows. She still hasn't been brave enough to come out into the cat forest for more than an hour at a time on quiet days, but in the back she's now almost always in the center of the room on a cat tree asking for pets from staff. 

Since Patches is such a shy little lady she will need someone very patient in her life that is willing to go at her pace when it comes to socialization. Although she has made lots of progress with us it has been made clear that she is a anxious kitty and may take a while to adjust to a new home once adopted, but once she does warm up and settle in she will surely become your shadow and best friend! 

Patches is not a huge fan of other cats and would really rather they stay out of her space, so if she would do best either alone or with a cat that is rather submissive and will stay out of her business. She would be happiest in a quiet home that doesn't have a lot of action in it. While she would certainly enjoy visitors, especially if they give her sweet, sweet head scritches, she would thrive in a home that allows her peace and quiet. 

Birthday: March 21, 2020