Daizee | ADOPTED

Black and white tuxedo. Domestic shorthair.

Daizee is a sassy mama who is both large and in charge. She is the queen bee of the cat forest and expects everyone to bow down to her royalty. She has very firm boundaries and is not afraid to express them, usually first with a small warning and if that isn't respected she will choose violence. She likes head and chin scritches most of the time, and once in a blue moon she'll be cool with you petting her back. Her belly is ALWAYS off limits though. She may just be self conscious of her weight. In regards to that she will definitely need to be put on a diet in her new home as she is a tad bit too chonky for her own good. 

Daizee has a short fuse when too many people are around, and only really likes to show her soft side when it's just her and a couple of calm and respectful people. She would do best in a quiet home with no kids. 

Daizee does not like other cats and will very quickly let them know. When she struts through the cat forest everyone gives her a wide berth, and if they don't they will regret it. She even smacked one-eyed Will recently which is a new low, even for her.  She is the forest bully, and that's why you can often see her in our main window by herself in the host room. If we don't give in to her demands to be in there she will cause a scene. She also really really like sun bathing in said window, so if it keeps her happy and prevents her from unleashing the beast within then we allow it! 
Diazee also appears to be dog aggressive and will lunge and hiss at dogs she sees through the window, so she needs a dog free home. She genuinely has no fear and even lunges at dogs thrice her size. What a legend. 

While Daizee is not the chillest cat in town, she is a staff favourite as we have all gotten to see her soft side when it's just us and her, and somewhere in there she is a sweet kitty who just wants chin rubs and a hangout buddy to lay in the sun with. She will make the perfect cuddle buddy for the right person, and we have a lot of hope that that person will come along soon!

Birthday: February 6, 2020
Weight: A whopping 13 lbs