Domestic Short Hair. White and Orange. Tripod (3 legged cat).

DOB: January 1, 2022

 Ming was found with a deformed front leg that was not weight bearing. She was taken in by the staff at a veterinarian's office, but was confined to a small enclosure most of the time. Before Ming came to Catoro, her front limb was amputated to make her more comfortable. 

This young girl has tons of energy that she releases by head butting everything in sight. Ming wants to be loved and cared for so badly, but due to her past she has some reservations. When she puts her guard down and gets a little too close to you, she snaps out of it and gives you a few smacks on the hand. We don't know exactly what happened in her life, but it seems as if she was mistreated badly and now has trust issues. Ming will need a very compassionate and understanding home, where she can feel safe at her own pace. 

 This girls likes to chat and drag her toys around from one corner to the other. Ming hasn't experienced the Cat Forest yet, so please check back to see when she does.