Nippy is a domestic medium-hair tuxedo cat. This little ball of energy was found wandering around a rural town in northern Saskatchewan. He was most likely separated from his mother and littermates too young, and so he is a little undersocialized with other cats, although he desperately wants to be friends with them. He is still learning how to be gentle with other cats and with people.

Nippy loves to wrestle and play but can get carried away - hence the name. Nippy can be a biter when he is excited or overstimulated. He also likes to chase bare feet and bite ankles - a habit his foster made a lot of improvement on. 

Nippy is also the sweetest and most affectionate little dude. He loves to be held in your arms and will curl up on the couch or bed with you. Just watch your toes... 

Nippy would do well with an experienced cat owner who can set firm boundaries with him and has the time to help him get his energy out in a positive way. A family with older kids or teenagers would be a great fit. 

Birthday: est March 2023, likely younger. 
Good with cats: Potentially
Good with dogs: Unknown
Good with kids: NOT good with kids under 12.