We really appreciate when you tell your friends about Catoro and what we do. To make it easier, we have a referral program!

You need to sign up for a FREE Paw Pass Points account first. This account lets you collect points for every purchase, which you can redeem for future discounts.

For example, 500 points = $5 discount.

You can earn points easily in a few different ways...

But the one with the best reward is referring a friend!

Send them a $5 off coupon, and you'll receive 500 points when the make a qualifying purchase! 

How to refer someone?

To get your unique referral link, click the purple Paw Pass Points button in the bottom right corner. We've recorded a video to show exactly where you find the link, on mobile and on desktop.

 How to get your personal referral link on desktop:

How to get your personal referral link on mobile:

Thank you so much for spreading the word about what we do here at Catoro.

For more information on our Paw Pass loyalty program, click here.