Lucky & Rusty (Seniors)

Rusty Description: Orange tabby with a bit of white, he has a white stripe going up his nose. Light green eyes

Lucky Description: Orange tabby with even less white than his friend. Light green eyes.

Rusty and Lucky are two seniors that were surrendered to us after their owner passed away. For two months they lived alone (with their canine friend Princess) in their old home with only daily visits from  their owner's relative, until they were brought to Catoro. These two friends have been inseparable their whole life. They groom each other, they cuddle each other, they even check on each other to make sure they’re OK.

Lucky is a bit more outgoing than Rusty, and will be the first one to come and say hi to you. He loves head pets and making biscuits for his favourite human. Rusty might take his time warming up to you, but once he does- he won't leave you alone.

These two have lost their best friend, but are hopeful someone else will come along and fall in love with them so that they can spend the rest of their lives together. They do great with dogs.

Rusty DOB: July 7, 2015

Lucky DOB: January 1, 2009